It’s a Big One

I was walking around Coney Island and a Great Black-backed Gull (size: between a crow and a goose) on the sidewalk was swallowing a hamburger bun whole. A lady in a ticket booth nearby, now open for the season, booms out on her microphone, “IT’S A BIG ONE, ISN’T IT?”

My heart attack? Yes, I think it is the Big One.


You overhear a lot of phone excuses in New York, not all of them true. I would like to hand out bosses’ notes and other certificates of authenticity, just to celebrate this rare unicorn.





I always wondered what those white NYC sanitation cars with the yellow police lights were for, then I saw one racing down a street on my walk to work. This guy jumped out to tell a UPS driver to move her truck for the street sweeper. “Here comes the broom!”