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I Thought Cheap Trick Was Weezer: Mix Tape 1

I have a confession. I pretty much only listen to 1970s and 80s punk and New Wave. In my defense, it’s hard to “ACDC” at work because ADHD. I can’t drive and listen to new music because I don’t have a car. I live in New York! The city of eight million stages, but when you’re chasing your own dream (and it’s not music) you don’t have time to seek out new tunes.

Bullshit. Here’s some old and new music I discovered this week.

Spotify playlist, Mixtape 1

La La Love You, Pixies — Spun by the baristas at my favorite coffee shop.

Surrender, Cheap Trick — I’ve only heard it a few times and, singing it in my head since then, it sounds like Weezer! Come at me.

All the Small Things, Blink-182 — heard in a bar in Murray Hill

The Boys of Summer, The Ataris — my fave rendition

Knockin’, Night Spins, garage pop — discovered via a review by Pancakes and Whiskey

Tell Me I’m Wrong, Night Spins

We Live in Brooklyn, Baby, Roy Ayers Ubiquity — heard in my WeWork

Everybody Loves the Sunshine, Roy Ayers Ubiquity

Last Days of Magic, North by North, Chicago ghost pop — via Pancakes and Whiskey

Pistoletta, North by North

Stay Gold, First Aid Kit — the first song I heard in the new year, spun for me by my beloved