Let’s Get Together

I was running in my neighborhood, Flatbush, Brooklyn, listening to “Stay Free: The Story of the Clash” on Spotify. I’d always wondered about punk’s relationship to reggae. “The first sounds I remember hearing were reggae, really.” — Paul Simonon, Clash bassist, who grew up in Brixton, London.

“I used to pass by a lot of houses where there was West Indian music playing.”Song: One love, one heart …

“.. Let’s get together and feel all right.” Paul Simonon: “A lot of parties going on in the evening, when I was supposed to be going home.”

“35 years since the dawn of punk, and we take it for granted that reggae and punk are best mates … with roots as the music of youth rebellion and social action.” — Afropunk website

When you hear the music

I heard a woman rap the rap part of Eyes Without a Face at an adult guitar recital this weekend and Brooklyn, and was 100% inspired to draw a quick homage. GIGOLO POOL. (Though, I always thought it was “gigolo cool?”)

The Slice Trap

I always eat two slices of cheese pizza from New York pizzerias and I just learned … they may be 400–500 each. This is my pizza PSA.